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Mirnax Biosens, S.L.

The diagnosis, prognosis and treatment management of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and hepatic pathology or asthma, among others, could be known sooner by measuring biomarkers linked to these diseases.

MIRNAX BIOSENS, S.L., is a biotechnology company, participated by Canaan Research & Investment, S.L., leader in innovation in the diagnostic sector of the area of health and personalized medicine, areas of greatest impact and growth in the current biotechnology market.

Mirnax Biosens has developed an innovative technological platform that puts an end to the needs of current market. The MiRNAX platform, based on liquid biopsy (non-invasive), detects genetic biomarkers, using a patented one-step method (speed) for diagnosis and clinical prognosis.

The new platform developed covers the development and implementation needs of any diagnostic kit, allowing access to unlimited tests (applicable to any disease).

Our company also owns several biomarker groups with clinical value and excellent commercial perspectives, which allow the development of kits aimed at pathologies of high incidence in the current population and for which there are no diagnostic and/or prognosis options.

Among them, there is a biomarker to know the response to treatment in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, developed with “IMIBIC”; a biomarker for asthma diagnosis, developed in collaboration with the “Fundación Jiménez Díaz”; and biomarkers for the detection of liver disease developed by Mirnax Biosens, S.L.

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